Posted by: crazedtheatregleek | September 10, 2010



Last year, while I was in Grade 11, this theatre retreat came up. It’s called FRINGE, and It’s where you spend 3 days with students around your age in a beautiful camp getting workshops from professionals. You meet a lot of great and amazing people, and I really wanted to go. However, I was also going to France that year with the french immersion department of my school. My mom said no, and that was it. No FRINGE retreat for me 😦

This year, now being in grade 12, my last year of high school, my theatre teacher brought it up again. I immediately couldn’t wait to get home to ask my mom. After all, I still had birthday money to spend from her 🙂

I asked, and she questioned me. I responded the best I could and finally, she told me I could go. However, I could only go if she didn’t pay for another workshop I want to attend this year, the local writer’s conference >.<

I thought about this, and Theatre won over. So, In October of this year, I’m headed on a retreat!!!! YAY!!!!!!! OMG I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!! I can’t wait a month!!!!!! (Well, less than a month. This year it’s the 7-9th. That means…two days of school to make up later D:  )

But the main part is….. I’M GOING!!! So, to anyone reading this, the theme this year is “Beauty and the Beast”. I need to bring a costume related to this theme. Anyone know of any cheep places where I could find something for this?

From my mind to yours,

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