Posted by: crazedtheatregleek | July 4, 2010

Theatre Lover = Emotional

I just got back from watching “Toy Story 3” in 3-D with my family. Wow, it wasn’t too too bad, quite funny at times but the rest was very, very, slow. BUT when you think “Toy Story”, you think back to being a KID and watching it, being happy at the end, and just loving the movie!

Today… At the end, being in a room of many kids and adults, and a few teens…. I cry at the end. No, cry isn’t the right word. I   B A W L E D. Out of that entire room of people…. I’m the only one crying. Why? Well, I can’t describe it that well, but I’ve tried.

*****(Don’t read if you don’t want a slight spoiler, but I swear, it doesn’t give much away. Only the end that everyone sees comming)*****

The best I have gotten so far is that because I’ve grown up watching Andy play with his toys and the toy cast being so close and always staying together no matter what happens. But of course, in this one, Andy is grown up and is separating them. (Insert Cheryl crying here). Then of course, he goes and gives all his toys, including everyone’s favorite, Woody, to a little girl who would take good care of them. He begins to play with her. (Insert crying here). But why? Why cry There? Simple. He’s separating from them. As hard as it is on him, It’s also hard on us, the viewers, who have grown up with these toys as much as Andy has. And he’s only a figment of the screen…..

Andy and his toys will remain with us forever, and to me, they are never parted. They’re always together at heart.

From my mind to yours,

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