Posted by: crazedtheatregleek | June 17, 2010

Not so Triller

So I was thinking today, even though I’ve seen very few “Horror”/”Thriller” genre movies (my mother for some odd reason does not allow me to watch them, but I’ve snuck a few behind her back at friends parties), you can always tell when something’s comming. Like, music, the atmosphere, or even a simple object. Sure you may jump, but you usually find yourself saying “Oh, there’s a body in that bag.” or something like that. And that’s what all the film companies are making in that area of genre. Predictable, few-jumps movies, with a REALLY confusing ending , usually.

With all the parodies and “funny” movies comming out making fun of others, I’d like to see someone make a movie making fun of these. For example, they could have the same movie (Let’s take “The Uninvated” as a prime example) and when the girl walks up to the garbage bag in the begining, instead of screaming and finding a dead body, she could scream and find a blow up human doll or something similar. Even a doll. Or, say in the “Halloween” movies, when the killer stabs someone….. We could have someone stab them, and the victim scream. The killer remove a bloody knife, and the girl still screams but is fine. The killer, confused and taken over by murder and killing, stab her repeatedly with long pauses. The key? Stage knife! But of course, make that obvious after the first few stabs 😛

Not all scary moviews have to be scary. They simply need a good plot and actors and crew that can pull it off. After all, The rule of thumb: The audience will remember it if it made them laugh 🙂

From my mind to yours,


  1. I agree, too many horror movies rely on the jump scare tactic. It’s such a lazy method, just build up the music and zoom in tight on your main character then….BAM! Suddenly you hear a loud noise or someone jumps in on screen and you get a cheap jolt out of your audience. There’s no thought put into that. I think that the scariest movies are those that rely on subtlety. Movies like “The Orphanage” where there’s a quiet intensity that builds up throughout the movie until it boils over in the end. It’s the type of movie that leaves you thinking.

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