Posted by: crazedtheatregleek | June 8, 2010


I’m stressed. I’m excited. I’m happy. I’m sad. I’m nervous.
This week is……….heaven in hell. Exams are approaching quickly and I still have 4 art projects to finish, 5 socials assignments to finish, and a heck of a lot of studying to do. Not to mention preparation for the summer. Who has time for fun?

I do.

This week, through all the stress and work, fun has somehow managed to emerge. Not only do I have lunch time to goof off with friends, after school becomes “fun central”, as all my friends would say, theatre is the space to open up, and goof off.

This is my new fun week:

Wednesday: Of course I’ve got school, but after school I get to head over to my beloved home away from home to sort through our rented costumes we need to return from our musical, “Tam-Lin”. Not to mention making plans with a few friends to do “operation women-in-black”(name changed maybe), where One of my friends is gong to dress up all important and secret, while as me and 1 – 3 other friends will dress all in black “protecting the package” with our finger guns, etc. Maybe even get a few more people in on it to do poparazi chasing us or somehting πŸ˜› It’ll be awesome πŸ™‚

Thursday: Final plans for the excitement going on the week and the next week should be made. AND! I’m staying at the school probably all day because I have a…*drum roll* Band preformance! URGH! I want to go all theatrical and get up and dance and groove to the music, but I can’t! Our teacher contradicts himself saying we should have fun and look like it too, but we can’t stand up or anything. Now you tell me, how do you smile and play teh sax or flute at the same time? Kinda hard!!! Anyways, that’s it for Thursday. Sucks.

Friday: WOOT! FINALLY HERE! This is the most eventful day! I ahve early dismissal from school, get my yearbook, and our theatre party/annual sleepover happens!!! YES!!! Games, up all night…..everything! Man, I love this group of people with all my heart, I don’t know what I’d do without them πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ❀ I’m so looking forward to this day. I can hardly wait.

Saturday: Wake up… IN THE THEATRE?!Oh yeah that’s right…I slept over πŸ˜› We go LAZER TAGGING!!! And to add to al that…we’re having a picnic! Then after returning to the school, it’s time to say our “partings”, which are “such sweet sorrows” as we’ve got a few grads grading this year(congrats guys!). We all head home…..or…most of us….
You see, I have another firend who’de birthday party is this day! As she lives across the bridge from me, and her party ends at 12, she’s letting me and my friend who she’s now friends with sleepover, along with a few others πŸ™‚ Yes, that’s right…two sleepovers in a row! Not to mention, she’s such a nice friend, we’ve known each otehr for so long, and she knows I’ve never had a birthday party. So…she’s sharing hers with me πŸ™‚ Apparently she’s gonna embarass me. The catch? My birthday’s not for another 2 months! I’ll be so much fun, most of my friends are into theatre and goofing off πŸ™‚

Sunday: Welcome to a new week! Yup, I still havn’t gone home! And today there’s an improv thing happening, and I might be able to attend πŸ™‚ Depending on my other friends, that is πŸ˜› . But eventually I get to go home.

So even if I may be stressed, panicked, nervvous, sad, happy….. all over the year ending and exams……
I can still squeese some fun into my life πŸ™‚
Because after all, there’s such thing as fun πŸ™‚

From my mind to yours,


  1. Wow that sounds like an awesome week!
    I love that your theatre group has a big sleepover, so cool : )
    It makes me so happy to read about special times like that, hope you enjoy every minute, you deserve it!


    • Wait….
      An actual comment?!
      This isn’t right….
      Someone wake me up! *pinch*
      WOW! It’s Still there! HUZZAH!

      LoL Thanks Jenni, I’ll try πŸ™‚ Although it shouldn’t be hard, it just keeps getting better. Now my abnd teacher is allowing us to have fun and go theatrical for one song πŸ˜€ So my bestie and I are gonna ut somehting together πŸ™‚ Totally awesome πŸ˜€
      Are you going to the bubbles and happyness thing this sunday?

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