Posted by: crazedtheatregleek | June 3, 2010

Don’t drink and drive… Drive and read!

Wow It’s been a while since I’ve updated. I had an entire blog prepared in my head but I’ve forgotten since >.< So..updates on significant projects I was going to write about!

Saturday May 29
I went over to my friend’s house to go work on our physics project (build a car with it’s own power that goes 2 meters and lands on a dot…with several rules beyond that) It’s pretty hard, and we had been stumped for WEEKS on end. To add to it all, it was already overdue with the teacher’s permission because we had Tam-Lin, the school’s musical on the go and our teacher knew how late we were and how much time we had for work as he was helping. Well we worked and we found out many things about cars and ourselves. Examples:
1) Do not become a handywoman.
2) Never use a hand saw again. Power tools and others are my new best friend.
3) Cars can be as simple as a piece of wood painted nicely 🙂

We were assigned to cut wood using a hand saw….. We always got angles on our cuts. Not the best straight cut XD Well when her parents got home from picking stuff up, they told us her stepfather was planning on using the electric tools the entire time and it was only to give us something to do XD Well…. Interesting…

We literally worked dawn till dusk on that evil thing of a project. And we STILL weren’t done when my mom called to pick me up. So what do I do? Ask her to bring over some PJ’s, and a change of clothing XD

My overnight bag arrived, and I spent the night. Not bad. Yet our project was still unfinished!!! And we still had test runs to do!!!

Sunday May 30
We invited some friends out to lunch and ate at the spaghetti factory in New West. Yummers! Well in tradition, we always make up stories. One of the characters in our story was “Dhyllon”, a guy from my theatre co. Ironically, our “helper waiter”‘s name was Dhyllon too! So he thought we were talking about him. It was funny. After that we shut up every time he came by, or at least stopped using his name. Also, we have a tendancy to open our menus untill the waitress comes along to take our orders, close them all together, turn and say “I’ve been expecting you”. We scared her slightly, but she laughed and we had a good time with her. I also made my infimous icecream-bowl-tower-of-doom. HAH! We later went around Vancouver, Waterfront, and Longsdale Quai. We even sang on the seabus! It was a day of fun and adventures 🙂 Not to mention how hard my friend and I laughed when we got off at Burrard station because of I.A.’s mission XD When we came back we said goodbye to our other friends who attended and by miracle we were able to finish our cars!!!

Thursday June 3
Now today I went to Zellers becuase I missed my bus and it was possible to get a ride from my stepdad after school. I ended up finding the book “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer 25% off, so I bought it. I’m happy. It’s got bonus material and everything. Not to mention the colour page in the front of the book looks stunning 🙂 I had begun reading this before, but had to return it to the library and never finished. Well, now it’s summer reading material.

Life throws you in unexpected ways, but catch it before it hits you and learn from it. Everything happens for a reason.

From my mind to yours,

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