Posted by: crazedtheatregleek | May 28, 2010

That ‘ol Mischivous Scottish Play….

English to any theatre kid is like a gift from god. There’s public speaking, and even “drama”. But one Shakespeare play studied is a nightmare to all theatre kids: Macbeth.

Yes, saying the name even outside of the theatre is a streach and a horror to actors and tech alike. We hate that word with a passion of pure hatered.  As a good friend of mine sais, “Anyone who sais Macbeth has a death wish”. But for some odd reason, it has both negative and beneficial outcomes for myself, depending on where it is heard.

When I’m in the theatre, if someone sais it, something always, and I mean always…goes wrong. From costume disapearances, to trips and inguries, to camera, lighting, and tech failing without a solution… we’ve had it all. But for the oddest reason, whenever I say it outside the theatre, something goes right!

For example, last year I had prepared a speech for my socials class on the curse of Macbeth(being the true theatre kid I am). Every day I would practice in the morning before heading off to school to make sure I would do the best I could. And everyday, for 3-4 days, my presentation date got extended for reasons from “I’m going to talk for the rest of the block” to “I treated the class to a dance show in the theatre today”. With those 3-4 days extra, I was able to prepare myself even more untill I couldn’t skrew up, even if I tried. The class loved it, and I loved the “A” sitting on my grading sheet.

Another example being that I havn’t been in my Jazz band class for two weeks now, as I was promoting and doing the odd job before our school’s big musical, Tam-Lin. When I finally came back to class to attend, my flute was missing! It went missing for 4 days straight. Today, when I told a friend about someone who had said “Macbeth” in a Dance show (Oh the Irony in that!) and spazzed, sure enough, guess what shows up at my class’s doorstep half way through the block? MY FLUTE!!!

So you see, Macbeth is a weird curse. It’s done horrible and horrific things to people in history even when they weren’t in a theatre (Example: Abraham Lincolin’s assassination) yet it somehow manages to bring a certain few the good moment every once in a while when it is mentioned. Sure it may be pure coincidence, but for the time being I’ll just laugh and wonder. After all, it’s not like I’ll be going around saying his name in theatres in the mere future. 😛

From my mind to yours,

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