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La joie du francais

So I’m in French… On an I-touch… It makes you wonder. I mean sure because I’m in French immersion and we get exta funding from the governememt bit schools all over don’t have good text books or even desks. And we’re spending money on touches?! Isn’t there some other way we could better use the money?

On a second hand, winterfest in ten days!!! Yay!!!! I’m going to be on diabolo unless it’s raining at which case I’m going to be doing improv 🙂 can’t get any better….

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Last year, while I was in Grade 11, this theatre retreat came up. It’s called FRINGE, and It’s where you spend 3 days with students around your age in a beautiful camp getting workshops from professionals. You meet a lot of great and amazing people, and I really wanted to go. However, I was also going to France that year with the french immersion department of my school. My mom said no, and that was it. No FRINGE retreat for me 😦

This year, now being in grade 12, my last year of high school, my theatre teacher brought it up again. I immediately couldn’t wait to get home to ask my mom. After all, I still had birthday money to spend from her 🙂

I asked, and she questioned me. I responded the best I could and finally, she told me I could go. However, I could only go if she didn’t pay for another workshop I want to attend this year, the local writer’s conference >.<

I thought about this, and Theatre won over. So, In October of this year, I’m headed on a retreat!!!! YAY!!!!!!! OMG I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!! I can’t wait a month!!!!!! (Well, less than a month. This year it’s the 7-9th. That means…two days of school to make up later D:  )

But the main part is….. I’M GOING!!! So, to anyone reading this, the theme this year is “Beauty and the Beast”. I need to bring a costume related to this theme. Anyone know of any cheep places where I could find something for this?

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Alo de Québec!

I’m in Quebec right now, driving down to New Brunswick. (Hence the no new posts on this blog)

Follow my other blog(my travel blog), if you want, to find out all about my travels 🙂
You can find it at:

Until I return, I bid you good-bye 🙂

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Theatre Lover = Emotional

I just got back from watching “Toy Story 3” in 3-D with my family. Wow, it wasn’t too too bad, quite funny at times but the rest was very, very, slow. BUT when you think “Toy Story”, you think back to being a KID and watching it, being happy at the end, and just loving the movie!

Today… At the end, being in a room of many kids and adults, and a few teens…. I cry at the end. No, cry isn’t the right word. I   B A W L E D. Out of that entire room of people…. I’m the only one crying. Why? Well, I can’t describe it that well, but I’ve tried.

*****(Don’t read if you don’t want a slight spoiler, but I swear, it doesn’t give much away. Only the end that everyone sees comming)*****

The best I have gotten so far is that because I’ve grown up watching Andy play with his toys and the toy cast being so close and always staying together no matter what happens. But of course, in this one, Andy is grown up and is separating them. (Insert Cheryl crying here). Then of course, he goes and gives all his toys, including everyone’s favorite, Woody, to a little girl who would take good care of them. He begins to play with her. (Insert crying here). But why? Why cry There? Simple. He’s separating from them. As hard as it is on him, It’s also hard on us, the viewers, who have grown up with these toys as much as Andy has. And he’s only a figment of the screen…..

Andy and his toys will remain with us forever, and to me, they are never parted. They’re always together at heart.

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Inspiring Projects: One Day on Earth

This defiantely has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.
Iencourrage all to partake. I know I am. The trailer gives me goosebumps, and has me hyped about the event already 🙂

I know what I’m asking for for my birthday 🙂

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Not so Triller

So I was thinking today, even though I’ve seen very few “Horror”/”Thriller” genre movies (my mother for some odd reason does not allow me to watch them, but I’ve snuck a few behind her back at friends parties), you can always tell when something’s comming. Like, music, the atmosphere, or even a simple object. Sure you may jump, but you usually find yourself saying “Oh, there’s a body in that bag.” or something like that. And that’s what all the film companies are making in that area of genre. Predictable, few-jumps movies, with a REALLY confusing ending , usually.

With all the parodies and “funny” movies comming out making fun of others, I’d like to see someone make a movie making fun of these. For example, they could have the same movie (Let’s take “The Uninvated” as a prime example) and when the girl walks up to the garbage bag in the begining, instead of screaming and finding a dead body, she could scream and find a blow up human doll or something similar. Even a doll. Or, say in the “Halloween” movies, when the killer stabs someone….. We could have someone stab them, and the victim scream. The killer remove a bloody knife, and the girl still screams but is fine. The killer, confused and taken over by murder and killing, stab her repeatedly with long pauses. The key? Stage knife! But of course, make that obvious after the first few stabs 😛

Not all scary moviews have to be scary. They simply need a good plot and actors and crew that can pull it off. After all, The rule of thumb: The audience will remember it if it made them laugh 🙂

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I’m stressed. I’m excited. I’m happy. I’m sad. I’m nervous.
This week is……….heaven in hell. Exams are approaching quickly and I still have 4 art projects to finish, 5 socials assignments to finish, and a heck of a lot of studying to do. Not to mention preparation for the summer. Who has time for fun?

I do.

This week, through all the stress and work, fun has somehow managed to emerge. Not only do I have lunch time to goof off with friends, after school becomes “fun central”, as all my friends would say, theatre is the space to open up, and goof off.

This is my new fun week:

Wednesday: Of course I’ve got school, but after school I get to head over to my beloved home away from home to sort through our rented costumes we need to return from our musical, “Tam-Lin”. Not to mention making plans with a few friends to do “operation women-in-black”(name changed maybe), where One of my friends is gong to dress up all important and secret, while as me and 1 – 3 other friends will dress all in black “protecting the package” with our finger guns, etc. Maybe even get a few more people in on it to do poparazi chasing us or somehting 😛 It’ll be awesome 🙂

Thursday: Final plans for the excitement going on the week and the next week should be made. AND! I’m staying at the school probably all day because I have a…*drum roll* Band preformance! URGH! I want to go all theatrical and get up and dance and groove to the music, but I can’t! Our teacher contradicts himself saying we should have fun and look like it too, but we can’t stand up or anything. Now you tell me, how do you smile and play teh sax or flute at the same time? Kinda hard!!! Anyways, that’s it for Thursday. Sucks.

Friday: WOOT! FINALLY HERE! This is the most eventful day! I ahve early dismissal from school, get my yearbook, and our theatre party/annual sleepover happens!!! YES!!! Games, up all night…..everything! Man, I love this group of people with all my heart, I don’t know what I’d do without them 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m so looking forward to this day. I can hardly wait.

Saturday: Wake up… IN THE THEATRE?!Oh yeah that’s right…I slept over 😛 We go LAZER TAGGING!!! And to add to al that…we’re having a picnic! Then after returning to the school, it’s time to say our “partings”, which are “such sweet sorrows” as we’ve got a few grads grading this year(congrats guys!). We all head home…..or…most of us….
You see, I have another firend who’de birthday party is this day! As she lives across the bridge from me, and her party ends at 12, she’s letting me and my friend who she’s now friends with sleepover, along with a few others 🙂 Yes, that’s right…two sleepovers in a row! Not to mention, she’s such a nice friend, we’ve known each otehr for so long, and she knows I’ve never had a birthday party. So…she’s sharing hers with me 🙂 Apparently she’s gonna embarass me. The catch? My birthday’s not for another 2 months! I’ll be so much fun, most of my friends are into theatre and goofing off 🙂

Sunday: Welcome to a new week! Yup, I still havn’t gone home! And today there’s an improv thing happening, and I might be able to attend 🙂 Depending on my other friends, that is 😛 . But eventually I get to go home.

So even if I may be stressed, panicked, nervvous, sad, happy….. all over the year ending and exams……
I can still squeese some fun into my life 🙂
Because after all, there’s such thing as fun 🙂

From my mind to yours,

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Don’t drink and drive… Drive and read!

Wow It’s been a while since I’ve updated. I had an entire blog prepared in my head but I’ve forgotten since >.< So..updates on significant projects I was going to write about!

Saturday May 29
I went over to my friend’s house to go work on our physics project (build a car with it’s own power that goes 2 meters and lands on a dot…with several rules beyond that) It’s pretty hard, and we had been stumped for WEEKS on end. To add to it all, it was already overdue with the teacher’s permission because we had Tam-Lin, the school’s musical on the go and our teacher knew how late we were and how much time we had for work as he was helping. Well we worked and we found out many things about cars and ourselves. Examples:
1) Do not become a handywoman.
2) Never use a hand saw again. Power tools and others are my new best friend.
3) Cars can be as simple as a piece of wood painted nicely 🙂

We were assigned to cut wood using a hand saw….. We always got angles on our cuts. Not the best straight cut XD Well when her parents got home from picking stuff up, they told us her stepfather was planning on using the electric tools the entire time and it was only to give us something to do XD Well…. Interesting…

We literally worked dawn till dusk on that evil thing of a project. And we STILL weren’t done when my mom called to pick me up. So what do I do? Ask her to bring over some PJ’s, and a change of clothing XD

My overnight bag arrived, and I spent the night. Not bad. Yet our project was still unfinished!!! And we still had test runs to do!!!

Sunday May 30
We invited some friends out to lunch and ate at the spaghetti factory in New West. Yummers! Well in tradition, we always make up stories. One of the characters in our story was “Dhyllon”, a guy from my theatre co. Ironically, our “helper waiter”‘s name was Dhyllon too! So he thought we were talking about him. It was funny. After that we shut up every time he came by, or at least stopped using his name. Also, we have a tendancy to open our menus untill the waitress comes along to take our orders, close them all together, turn and say “I’ve been expecting you”. We scared her slightly, but she laughed and we had a good time with her. I also made my infimous icecream-bowl-tower-of-doom. HAH! We later went around Vancouver, Waterfront, and Longsdale Quai. We even sang on the seabus! It was a day of fun and adventures 🙂 Not to mention how hard my friend and I laughed when we got off at Burrard station because of I.A.’s mission XD When we came back we said goodbye to our other friends who attended and by miracle we were able to finish our cars!!!

Thursday June 3
Now today I went to Zellers becuase I missed my bus and it was possible to get a ride from my stepdad after school. I ended up finding the book “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer 25% off, so I bought it. I’m happy. It’s got bonus material and everything. Not to mention the colour page in the front of the book looks stunning 🙂 I had begun reading this before, but had to return it to the library and never finished. Well, now it’s summer reading material.

Life throws you in unexpected ways, but catch it before it hits you and learn from it. Everything happens for a reason.

From my mind to yours,

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That ‘ol Mischivous Scottish Play….

English to any theatre kid is like a gift from god. There’s public speaking, and even “drama”. But one Shakespeare play studied is a nightmare to all theatre kids: Macbeth.

Yes, saying the name even outside of the theatre is a streach and a horror to actors and tech alike. We hate that word with a passion of pure hatered.  As a good friend of mine sais, “Anyone who sais Macbeth has a death wish”. But for some odd reason, it has both negative and beneficial outcomes for myself, depending on where it is heard.

When I’m in the theatre, if someone sais it, something always, and I mean always…goes wrong. From costume disapearances, to trips and inguries, to camera, lighting, and tech failing without a solution… we’ve had it all. But for the oddest reason, whenever I say it outside the theatre, something goes right!

For example, last year I had prepared a speech for my socials class on the curse of Macbeth(being the true theatre kid I am). Every day I would practice in the morning before heading off to school to make sure I would do the best I could. And everyday, for 3-4 days, my presentation date got extended for reasons from “I’m going to talk for the rest of the block” to “I treated the class to a dance show in the theatre today”. With those 3-4 days extra, I was able to prepare myself even more untill I couldn’t skrew up, even if I tried. The class loved it, and I loved the “A” sitting on my grading sheet.

Another example being that I havn’t been in my Jazz band class for two weeks now, as I was promoting and doing the odd job before our school’s big musical, Tam-Lin. When I finally came back to class to attend, my flute was missing! It went missing for 4 days straight. Today, when I told a friend about someone who had said “Macbeth” in a Dance show (Oh the Irony in that!) and spazzed, sure enough, guess what shows up at my class’s doorstep half way through the block? MY FLUTE!!!

So you see, Macbeth is a weird curse. It’s done horrible and horrific things to people in history even when they weren’t in a theatre (Example: Abraham Lincolin’s assassination) yet it somehow manages to bring a certain few the good moment every once in a while when it is mentioned. Sure it may be pure coincidence, but for the time being I’ll just laugh and wonder. After all, it’s not like I’ll be going around saying his name in theatres in the mere future. 😛

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